Hands on consultation to develop “Call to Action” insights on your audience and customers.


Questionnaire design with best practice methodology using sample quotas and targeting.


Innovative digital and mobile technologies that have been purpose designed for music and content research, alongside CATI room facilities and audience panels.


Every time Xtra delivers your actionable insights they’re backed by years of experience built on talking and listening to audiences all over the world. That collective knowledge provides an unmatched understanding of the industry, which is the foundation of what we will bring to your audience research project and presentation.

Music Cluster Studies

Uncover critical audience tastes and preferences.

Music cluster studies uncover critical audience tastes and preferences. Songs are analysed in comparison to each cluster group to determine a central sound and build playlists for your station. Targeting music improves time spent listening and competitive advantage.

New Music Testing

A quick, cost effective method to identify targeted audience opinions.

New music testing can combine Airtime Surveys and Expression Live as a quick, cost effective method to identify targeted audience opinions. Purpose designed studies that focus on specific songs which have the ability to predict your call out research and, within reason, forecast a song’s chart potential. Detailed summaries of the results are included to give a clear picture of what it all means.

Library Music Testing

Analyse songs to help build clocks, consider era exposure and set coding.

Library Music Testing can analyse up to 650 songs in one session, using either Airtime Surveys or Expression Live. Simply wind up for a like or down for a dislike. You can capitalise on an engaged audience - thirty minutes, of perceptual questions can be built into the session. The results help build clocks, consider era exposure and set coding.

Strategic studies

Custom designed, comprehensive analysis of the market.

Strategic studies master-plans guide all product and marketing decisions. Perceptual research can be the catalyst in changing the overall positioning of a brand. Each study is custom designed for you to ensure a comprehensive analysis of the market. The resulting guideline implementation can perpetuate long-term success.

Entertainment Studies

Custom designed studies for film and television.

Program cluster studies, audience focus groups and our various research tools can be extended to television and other entertainment studies. Potential applications include analysis for dramas, lifestyle, current affairs programming, brand images, jingles, promotional campaigns and product variations. Each of these studies are individually designed to reflect your needs.

Regional Studies

Regional Radio Audience Measurement Surveys conducted in accordance with Commercial Radio Australia.

Regional studies are a proven cost effective method that measures the size and listening patterns of audiences, which can provide relevant information to advertisers and invested agencies. In 2013, Commercial Radio Australia(CRA) enlisted Xtra Insights to conduct the initial regional research trials, which were used to establish the new Regional Radio Audience Measurement model. Since then we have conducted numerous regional surveys around Australia. The importance and value to participating radio stations cannot be understated.

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At Xtra Insights we provide a number of sophisticated research platforms which paint a more accurate picture of your market.

Airtime Surveys

A fast, reliable and cost effective branded online survey platform, purposely designed for the entertainment industry. Live results monitoring in a simple responsive environment. Allows respondents to participate in surveys at their own discretion. Music and Content Surveys made simple, even your Content Director could do it.

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Xtra Analyst

Ultimate data analysis software that allows sorting, categorisation and breakouts of critical research results. Focuses on music and content data which seamlessly integrates with our other products.

Expression Live

Xtra Insights has developed its own state of the art software that combines traditional research techniques with new technology. Using portable devices, uncover insights about what’s rating well, and not so well across music, radio shows and television content. Results can be viewed in real-time with next day implementation.


Innovation. Insights. Results. Awesomeness.

Xtra Insights is a highly innovative company that provides a relentless high standard of research, strategic methodology and advanced technology. We are there well after the results are delivered, offering support on interpretation and implementation.

Paul Amos
Managing Director
Paul's 30 years of experience includes positions in a variety of departments from programming and production to promotions and marketing. Over a 17 year period he held management positions in radio groups and industry companies. In 1998, Paul was appointed Director and Radio Consultant for (esp) Entertainment Strategy, Programming working with radio stations in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Malaysia and the Netherlands. Specifically Paul was responsible for program format design, on air talent direction, the development and implementation of audience research marketing and promotion campaigns and strategic programming format designs in competitive radio markets. Since 2003 Paul has developed Xtra Insights into a successful entertainment research company working with some of the leading radio groups, television networks and music labels in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. Paul did his first on air gig at the age of 15, before his voice broke.
Bethaney Lawler
Research Director & Head of Radio Audience Measurement
Bethaney is a Media and Communications Honours graduate from the Queensland University of Technology and has been working with Xtra since 2007. While attending university Bethaney worked with Australia's largest commercial radio network on an audience research project, which received national media coverage. Since joining Xtra Bethaney has gained invaluable insight into the media and entertainment industry and continues to develop her role within the company. In 2012 she presented a paper at the AMSRS National Conference on behalf of Xtra Research and was awarded Best Paper by a Young Researcher. Beth wishes she was a V8 Supercar Driver and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Valerie Amos
Office Manager
Valerie has been with Xtra Insights since its inception and provides invaluable administrative support to the Xtra team and our clients. Valerie is responsible for finance, account keeping and office duties. She has over 10 years experience within the banking industry. She also provides support in the data processing of weekly and Airtime Surveys results. Valerie is addicted to training at the gym.
Michael Monsour
Senior Developer
Michael joined Xtra as Web Developer in early 2010 and is a valued member of the team, responsible for the continued evolution of Xtra's online platform. Prior to joining Xtra Insights, Michael spent 5 years as a Software Engineer for icemedia and has a Bachelor of Software Engineering and a Bachelor of Computer Science. Michael loves milk.
Nikola Wilson
Digital & Client Services Manager
Nikola joined the Xtra team in 2014 as Digital Content Designer. Having completed a dual Bachelor degree in Business and Creative Industries at the Queensland University of Technology, Nikola's creative and analytical skills are invaluable as Xtra continue to be leaders in the digital age of media and entertainment research. Nikola can't leave the house without wearing something green.
Hannah Lovegrove
Project Coordinator
Hannah joined the team at Xtra Insights in 2016 as a Research Assistant. Hannah holds a degree in Business Management (Marketing), and received first class honours in International Hotel and Tourism Management from The University of Queensland. Before joining Xtra, she worked as a Research Assistant and Tutor within the Business School at the university. Hannah works on weekly music research projects and works closely with Bethaney on regional radio research projects. Hannah is passionate about data research and analysis, and enjoys applying her skills within the media and entertainment industry. Hannah loves anything to do with food, except for doing the dishes!
Robert Epps
IT & Technical Support
Rob has worked with Xtra Insights as technical partner since 2003. Apart from maintaining the day to day digital operations, Rob has written and developed much of the unique research software used to collect and compile our client's results. Such has been the success of his software development that it is now sold internationally and is used by a number of research companies in the USA. Rob's close working relationship with Xtra has ensured we stay at the absolute forefront in this specialist area. Rob is originally from England, and only drinks Coca-Cola.

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