At Xtra Insights we provide a number of sophisticated market research platforms which paint a more accurate picture of your audience.

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Airtime Surveys

A fast, reliable and cost effective branded online survey platform, purposely designed for the entertainment industry. Live market analytics in a simple responsive environment. Allows respondents to participate in surveys at their own discretion. Music and content surveys made simple, even your Content Director could do it!

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Airtime X

Fully customisable cloud solution to music and content research analysis. Sort, categorise, export, and analyse your music results without ever leaving your browser. Trend music results, slice demographics in real-time, and visualise perceptual questions all in one place. Easily integrates with other Xtra Insights' products, as well as other third-party reporting software. Nothing to download, nothing to install, just immediate access to your data when you need it.

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A critical market intelligence tool specifically designed for radio, that monitors your market and key competing stations in real time. Discover your competitors music universe, top tracks, new tracks, rotation analysis and spins. Easily identify music differences from universe sizes to song eras, export reports to Excel and determine how your station could respond.

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