Real Customisation.

Create new Demographic, Cross-tabs or other breakouts on the run.

Provided that the raw data is available, AX allows the set up of new breakouts on the fly, without having to return to the source file.

Control who can see and adjust your results by creating different account access levels - from a basic Viewer to Admin.

Put us to the test. Send us a sample of raw data and we’ll set up a free AX demo account with YOUR data. If you like what you see, we’ll include an import wizard that streamlines the process of getting your data into AX.

See the cloud-based advantage.

Storing your data in the cloud allows for online collaboration, no matter where you or your team is based. Easily view your music and perceptual reports online, while enjoying the ability to sort and assign music results.

Say goodbye to ever losing your data again! Thanks to Airtime X’s cloud-based services, your data will always be safe if you upgrade your computer, suffer a system error, or anything in between.

Airtime X is a one-stop location where all your music and perceptual results can be safely stored in the cloud. Break free from the restraints of being tied to a single computer or operating system. Access the data you need at any time, from any device with Airtime X.

Quickly and easily roll out additional filters and data views to your team. Enjoy real-time updates as you make changes to the data. Once you’ve executed the changes your team is able to view it.

Keen to read more?

Read our detailed guide on Airtime X, and get a full overview of how to get the most from your data.

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Xtra Insights offer customisation per client, contact us to discuss your requirements.