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Investing in media or implementing a marketing campaign that fails, due to breakdowns in messaging or poor targeting, is a very expensive exercise.

Xtra Insights Indonesia can utilise a range of online and in-person resources to pre-test people’s engagement with multiple advertising executions. What you will learn is the take out from these messages, their likeability, the emotional impact as well as the creative and attention grabbing appeal of the message. Making adjustments to the actual campaign prior to execution will ensure much higher success rates and a greater return on your investment.

What We Offer

Creative Testing

Test your creative content to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign or marketing endeavours.

1. Develop advertising messages that are relevant to your target market.
2. Ensure the personality of the advertising engages your target market.
3. Create memorable campaigns that ‘cut though’.

Brand Tracking

Assess your campaign progress while it’s live! What can we do to make it work harder?

1. Discover how consumers are connecting to the campaign.
2. How could it be more relevant?
3. Is the campaign cutting through? How can we improve recall?
4. How do consumers perceive your brand and offer?

Campaign Evaluation Study

Delve into the specifics to evaluate your campaign’s effectiveness in order to fine tune and strategise for future campaigns.

1. How can we ensure your next campaign will be a success?
2. Did the campaign work? How could you improve it next time?
3. Did consumers recall the campaign? Has it increased awareness of your brand?
4. Are consumers more likely to purchase your product/ service?

Custom Designed Study

We realise that not every product is the same. Using a specialist approach, we provide a tailor-made methodology in order to ask the right questions, and get the right answers.

Xtra Insights are the media and entertainment specialist. We have experience in all areas of content and media platforms. From television pilots to personality studies. From music artists to events. We can build a market study to determine engagement, popularity, awareness and perceptions. Ultimately, providing the important insights for success.

How it works

1. Brief received from client and a response prepared.

2. Survey written. Xtra Insights Indonesia methodology confirmed as either online or in field.

3. Survey launched.

4. Evaluation and analysis of data and report prepared.

Who Are We

Xtra Insights Indonesia is a partnership between

In a fast pace world of big data and numerous marketing options, knowing how to cut-through to your target market or customers is challenging - but more important than ever. In the past, conducting media market research in Indonesia has been expensive and often too slow. Critical research is no longer the privilege of the big companies. Now there is a way for fast and cost effective insights.

Xtra Insights Indonesia is backed by years of media experience from around the world. We specialise in discovering target market opinions across any market within the entertainment industry. Utilising a wide range of custom-made technological platforms and creative methodologies, Xtra Insights is all about retrieving the quality information that matters.

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